Strange News

Seagull photobombs, steals woman's lobster roll

Guam man pleads guilty to stealing corned beef from store

120 whoopie pies are missing after fairground booth break-in

2 convicted for tossing horse lubricant and glitter on cops

Ex-Five Finger Death Punch drummer now a police officer

Motorcyclist hit by lightning in Florida crashes, dies

Attempt at Great Salt Lake to break float record falls short

Police surround house for burglary, find deer instead

Father and son warm hearts with gibberish conversation

Mississippi kangaroo found after 2 days 'on the hop'

Slippery suspect: Police remove snake from patrol car engine

Massive ladybug swarm over California shows up on radar

Sign of the times: Vettel furious as Hamilton wins in Canada

Colorado will leave house-sized boulder along highway

Florida thief takes blowtorch to ATM, welds it shut instead

Indiana company sparks outrage with unscented 'Ohio' candle

No more babies: April the Giraffe is going on birth control

Police: Don't call us with Taco Bell complaint

Fortune cookie means big fortune for Powerball winner

Lottery win delays summer job talk for college student

Family discovers graduation cake made of plastic foam

Actress Jenny Slate to address island graduating class of 1

Gator busts through kitchen window, breaks bottles of wine

Air Force: Obscene contrails above Phoenix unintentional

Principal: I accidentally plagiarized Ashton Kutcher speech

Rescue of injured 74-year-old hiker spins out of control

Battery-powered glider crashes into Connecticut home

Snake slithers out of toilet, bites Florida man on arm

Seattle man builds fence around car-share vehicle at duplex

German police: "Guardian angel" pigeon protected speeder

Road closes when bee boxes fall off university truck

Never-ending reading: Oregon GOP tries to tie up Legislature

Ready, aim, oops! Historic tank turns lemon-lime yellow

Police: Man drove drunk to pick up woman charged with DWI

Lift those knees: Babies crawl to the Lithuanian finish line