By Dave Jordan, NEWS 9

An SUV smashed halfway into a home and this is not the first time it's happened.

The owner of the vehicle says she is thankful for On-Star. That of course has a GPS tracking system that helped police locate her stolen GMC Yukon. The man police say took off in her SUV was actually in her office a few minutes before the theft.

34-year-old Tango Jackson insisted he was not the man behind the wheel.

"I wasn't running. I'm the one that stopped the car," Jackson said.

Jackson also said the driver of the car fled on foot.  Police said Jackson stole this Yukon from a business at 38th Street and Tulsa Avenue. The owner of the Yukon, Michelle Sherrill, works there and confirms there were two men.

"One was filling out an application and then the other gentlemen was waiting for him in the reception area," Sherrill said.

She said one of the men took her key and wallet from her purse and then fled in her SUV.  A GPS tracking system alerted authorities to the theft, and they pursued him in earnest. It all came to an abrupt end at a home at Northwest 44th Street and Villa Avenue.  The SUV smashed halfway into June Smiths house.

For Smith, this is nothing new.

"A car came down villa about three years ago and went through the garage door. This time it went through the side of the house," Smith said.

Tango Jackson is now under arrest, Michelle Sherrill is grateful for the return of her vehicle and June Smith finds humor in what could have been a deadly situation.

"The neighbors said they're going to build up a barricade if we didn't move," Smith said.

Sherrill said that Yukon was brand new and she hasn't even made her first payment on it. Thankfully, she is insured. Jackson, meanwhile, is facing numerous charges in connection with this crime.