Oklahoma City Firework Safety For 4th Of July

Sunday, July 3rd 2022, 8:25 pm


The Oklahoma City Fire Department is urging people to be safe while lighting off fireworks this Fourth of July weekend.

Carl Albert High School Senior Allyson Walker was selling fireworks for a school fundraiser this weekend.

“Nice seeing lots of smiling faces coming through. I love talking to the kids,” she said.

General Manager of Fireworks Warehouse OKC Tyler Herzog said they are handing out safety tips with every purchase.

“We want everyone to have a great time to have a great Fourth of July, but like I said, it's only fun if you’re safe,” Herzog.

Oklahoma City Fire Department Battalion Chief Benny Fulkerson said his department would be enforcing the no-fireworks ordinance in Oklahoma City this weekend.

“The whole goal for this is, again, we have an ordinance in place, it's been in place for a long time,” Fulkerson said.