Oklahoma City Crisis Nursery Asking For Help Amid Unusual Spike In Requests

Saturday, July 2nd 2022, 10:20 pm


An Oklahoma City infant crisis center is reporting a spike in need.

This group provides emergency support for families with babies. Founders said its been so hot out that people are turning to Crisis Nursery OKC for a safe, air conditioned place for their babies.

Jennifer Roberts runs the 24 hour emergency service for families. She said their primary goal is to keep kids safe.

“Apartments are a huge issue right now,” Roberts said,” “a lot of families are living in hotels because they don’t have air conditioning. We try to help with fans and diapers... that way they can use that money towards a hotel. We’re see a lot of that right now,” she said.

She said the restriction on abortion rights in Oklahoma is also increasing pressure on families.

“We are already seeing parents who are having a baby now because of the restrictions and they’re stressed, they’re really stressed,” Roberts said.

Many, in need of reprieve.

“We’re helping with the other kids.”

And in need of a promise, they aren’t alone.

“We let them know, when you have this baby, there are options, and if not we can help you along the way. We’ve got diapers, we’ve got formula, a lot of times that is just the need. They don’t have the funds for that,” she said.

She says demand for baby supplies has jumped in recent weeks.

“We were avergaing about 15 kids a week and now we’re averaging about 30 to 40, and helping about 50 to 75 families a day with necessities. Yeah its definitely increasing, and we anticipate to double that. This is usually the slow time of the year,” Roberts said.

Donated supplies sent right back out the door, with a mother’s touch.

“Just giving them a cute basket or writing them a note with their diapers, just letting them know they're not alone, it goes a long way.” she said.

Right now, the center is in need of diapers, wipes, and pull-ups.