Many Cancelled, Delayed Flights Impact Holiday Travel

Saturday, July 2nd 2022, 7:21 pm
By: News On 6, Kaitlyn Deggs

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Millions of Americans are flying out to celebrate the holiday weekend, and many are finding themselves up against delayed and even canceled flights.

Experts say people should show up to the airport early and be prepared for anything.

They say you should also make sure you know when your plane is set to get there and take off.

The number of people traveling this weekend are expected to climb, especially as many are looking to make their first trip since the pandemic.

So far, many of these passengers have been hit with frustrating news.

“Yesterday, we got the notification that our flight had been canceled, we were able to quickly book one a little later in the day, but after arriving at the airport and sitting for several hours, that flight was canceled due to a maintenance problem,” said Kasey Lynch, who was traveling.

Experts say staff shortages in areas ranging from air traffic control operators to pilots play a big role in these canceled flights.

They tell people to do their best to stay informed about their trip.

“They have to be a little bit prepared, they have to be patient, making sure that they are checking in as early as possible with their airline, track where your flight is coming from even, so you know if there’s already a delay,” said Omar Kaywan, the co-founder of Goose Insurance.

Experts also tell people to plan ahead when it comes to packing their bags and to not put anything important in your luggage because it could get lost with delayed or canceled flights.

“But there are some scenarios in travel hubs particularly that are getting affected more than others, you just have to be prepared,” said Kaywan. “If you are traveling right now, especially internationally, considering what’s happening in Heathrow [Airport] with luggages, don’t pack anything that is super important to you in your checked-in bag.”

People who traveled Saturday say they want to warn others about the delays they are seeing, so maybe their trip stays on track.

“Plan ahead, and be ready for delays,” said Christopher Stephens, who was traveling. “Have alternate plans, Plan A, Plan B.”

Kaywan also recommends downloading the app for whichever airline you are taking so that way you can stay on top of your trip.