State-Wide Organization Works To Boost Native American Voter Registration

Tuesday, June 28th 2022, 8:15 am

The state-wide organization Rock the Native Vote is doing its part to make sure Native Americans get out and vote in the primary election.

Rock the Native Vote Director David Wilson says it's important to educate Native Americans on voting not only in tribal elections but primary and general elections as well. Throughout the year, the organization has attended pow wows, conferences, and festivals to get Oklahoma natives registered. Between Tulsa and Oklahoma City, they've attended about 70 events and this is the most they've covered since re-launching back in 2018.

Wilson says everything Native Americans do is impacted by their choosing to get out and vote for elected officials here in Oklahoma and they just want their voices to be heard.

“To help shape policy and to help remind people in the state of the contributions we make to this state every day as indigenous people in all walks of life. To be able to elect candidates that will be good to indigenous people that won't oppose us,” said Wilson.

Wilson says Native Americans have so many big issues that need to be addressed. Some of those include the fight for sovereignty, work to improve the environment, and improving the rate of missing and murdered indigenous people.

Wilson says Rock the Native Vote plans to ramp up its efforts even more in preparation for the general election in November.

“We are gaining some steam. We found a few other organizations that want to partner together working with cultural values, with Cherokee Nation through the Cherokee Vote. Muscogee Creek Nation has a group of women who have really heard to help us register folk as well. Our plan is to be out through the summer at many events,” said Wilson.

National Voter Registration Day will be held on September 20.

This will be the organization’s last big day to register people to vote ahead of the November election. They are also in need of volunteers to help in their efforts.