St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral Holds Roe V. Wade Prayer Vigil

Saturday, June 25th 2022, 10:38 pm


When the decision to overturn Roe versus Wade was made on Friday, it was yet another heated topic dividing our country.

“When we think about all of the complexities and hardships and challenges of life, the number one response for Christians is to gather and to pray,” said Very Reverend Katie Churchwell, Dean at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral.

Members from multiple churches gathered at St. Paul’s Cathedral, at N.W. 7th and Robinson, not for one side or the other, but simply to pray.

“That they can come together with others who might feel the same way as them, who might feel completely different, but find comfort and peace,” said Dean Churchwell.

As they gathered tonight, they lit candles, putting differences aside and uniting.

“I especially hope that there will be people from all perspectives, people from all beliefs who can find a place of unity,” said Dean Churchwell.

Dean Churchwell believes healing for our nation should start with the church.

“First, we pray, and we gather, and it is from that prayer, from our reading of scripture from our relationship with God and each other that we then move out into the world as followers of Christ,” said Dean Churchwell.

Tonight, wasn’t about choosing a side but rather seeking God for healing and direction moving forward.