78-Year-Old Metro Man Accused Of Opening Fire On Relatives At Family Gathering

Tuesday, June 21st 2022, 5:12 pm


A family gathering on Father’s Day turned violent in northwest Oklahoma City.

Police arrested 78-year-old Wade Womack after his relatives said he opened fire on their home.  

A quiet, secluded property near the Northwest Expressway and Frisco Road erupted in gunfire over the weekend. The residents called police when Womack showed up with three guns.

Womack's son-in-law said the man opened fire from his truck.

“It escalated to the point where they began firing back at each other,” Oklahoma City Police Department Sgt. Dillon Quirk said.

When officers arrived at the home, Womack was gone. Thirty minutes later, the shooting suspect showed up while police were still investigating the scene.

According to the report, Womack returned with blood on his face and black coloring on his eyes. Womack claimed he was a Choctaw tribal member, and he was wearing his "death face." 

“He had mentioned there was an altercation inside with family members,” Quirk said. “That suspect left very angrily, made some threats he was going to return a short time later.”

The officer saw Womack's weapons in the truck. A revolver and a rifle were in the center console and a shotgun was on the floorboard. 

The officer also noticed Womack was hurt and had him taken to OU Medical Center. After he was treated, Womack was booked into the Canadian County jail.

“Ultimately, the person in the vehicle was arrested on assault charges,” said Quirk.

Six assault charges, according to Quirk. Police said no one else at the family gathering was arrested or injured.