Norman School Board Fires Teacher Who Leaked Shooting Threat To Parents

Friday, June 17th 2022, 11:53 pm

NORMAN, Oklahoma -

UPDATE (11:20 p.m.) The Norman School Board has voted to terminate the employment of Norman High teacher Richard Cavett.

A Norman High teacher is accused of leaking a picture of a school threat. 

He alerted the district first but says he believed enough wasn't being done, and the administration disagreed. The termination hearing on Friday lasted over 14 hours. 

The graffiti was found in the girls’ bathroom at Norman High School back in February of 2022. On the wall, a list of students, racial slurs and a threat to shoot up the school and kill the students named. 

During the lengthy hearing, three parents testified to the school board.  

“Do you remember on this day, February 17, 2022, when Richard Cavett sent you these pictures,” asked one of the lawyers.  

Pixie Quigley responded, “I do.” 

“In this situation there was a specific date. There were specific names and I felt it needed to be shared right away,” she said.  

Quigley stood by her choice to share the photos with the media. She also said the teacher did the right thing.  

“Norman Public Schools has had a history, a long history of 'image is everything.' If something happens that may make the district look bad to the public then they do everything they can, generally speaking, to cover it up,” she said.  

A second Norman High School parent, Tonya Hawkins, testified after. She said her daughter was also on the list.  

“Do you have any problem with what Mr. Cavett did?” asked a lawyer.  

“Not one bit,” she responded.  

Hawkins said that the district could have done more to keep parents informed.  

“There was zero information given, basically and I lost faith in the communication after the email that was sent out that there was no credible threat,” she said.  

The third parent took the stand and said she went to the school as soon as her daughter texted her.  

“My daughter's name is on that list. It is a threat to my kid and to everybody else,” said Melissa Barnett.  

“I really just wanted someone at Norman High to give me peace of mind that it wasn’t just going to be done and over with,” she added.  

The School Board went into executive session shortly after 9 p.m. Friday evening to discuss if Cavett should be terminated.