Metro Advocates Speak Out Against 'Stand Your Ground' Laws

Sunday, June 12th 2022, 10:20 pm
By: Hunter McKee, News 9


Loved ones of a man shot and killed in Norman speak out. They're still calling for justice two months after this death.

They believe the man who pulled the trigger on Shed Euwins should be held responsible.

"It was Saturday, April 9th. It was actually OU's parents' weekend that weekend, "said Nicole Zegrati, Euwins' family. "Jogging around every morning on Saturdays was his normal routine, he lived in Norman."

Euwins was shot near Lindsey and Elm that day.

According to police, he had walked up to a car stopped at the red light on the corner and tried to punch the driver and that's when the driver shot him. Investigators said the shooter stayed on the scene and called 911, but Euwins later died.

"Really rough," said Zegrati. "It's been two months now and to be honest with you it doesn't seem like it because we've spent nearly every waking hour promoting justice."

Zegrati, along with other advocates for Euwins, are urging the attorney general to file charges against the shooter.

However, a few weeks back Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn denied pressing any charges because of the stand your ground law.

Mashburn said, in part, "I understand it's a horrible situation. The decedent was clearly having a mental health episode that he had been dealing with for some time. Unfortunately, that mental health episode caused him to be a threat to another law-abiding citizen."

However, those in Euwins corner say the Stand Your Ground law was unlawfully applied.

The families of Trevynn Conley and Clarence Wright were also rallying on Sunday saying the same thing after they were charged with murder in a 2020 deadly shooting.

"There's a huge disparage amongst who they decide to use those laws and not use the laws for.," said Lana James, Conley's mother.