Heavy Rainfall Causes Major Flooding In Clinton

Wednesday, June 8th 2022, 6:15 pm

CLINTON, Oklahoma -

After 2 inches of rain on Tuesday, Clinton was slammed again Wednesday morning with more heavy rain. Some homes were flooded, and a couple of roofs were blown off buildings. 

"It’s pretty crazy," said Matt Hartman, a neighbor. "We’ve been here 4 years now and I mean I’ve seen this three times, but this is probably the worst time this time." 

Hartman says this is the second time his street has flooded in the last week.  

"It’s definitely deep," Hartman said. "It was to my, it was almost to my waist right here this morning." 

Hartman said the water accumulated on his street in the blink of an eye. 

"[In the] matter of an hour I looked out and it was already flooded in the backyard and down the street," said Hartman. 

According to the Clinton Fire Chief, they responded to 10 emergency calls Wednesday morning and some of their streets saw at least 2 feet of water. 

"Lots of power lines snapped," said Brett Russell, Clinton Fire Chief. "We had a roof blown off just up the road, at the Pregnancy Care Center." 

Russell says they even had cars floating down the road and drivers caught off guard.  

"It just hits so quick," said Russell. "Then we have to try and make some adjustments, get help from a combination of departments. Volunteers and full-time guys." 

Jerry Douglas and his wife say though their home is surrounded with water, none made it inside. One of their neighbors wasn't so lucky. 

"He’s got water up to his electrical outlets," said Douglas. "That’s horrible, he hasn’t even enjoyed a new house yet. It’ll never be a new house again." 

Just across the street, a golf course is also now under water and several other neighborhoods with wind and water damage.