OKC Man Allegedly Plotting Large Attack Turns Himself In To Mental Health Experts

Saturday, May 28th 2022, 10:22 am


As the nation grieves recent mass shootings in Texas and Buffalo, police records show a metro man had similar plans. 

While it's not clear where his target was, records show it's something he's considered in the past. 

Staff at an area mental health facility contacted OCPD after Brittan Kirk told them his plans. Police searched Kirk's car and home and concluded he began to take steps to enact the alleged plan. 

Police records show Brittan Kirk went to get help from the mental health facility Sunday. The former FAA pilot and host of an aviation YouTube channel told staff at the facility his plans to carry out a large-scale act of violence. Records show Kirk said he wanted to do something like the Buffalo supermarket shootings two weeks ago. 

Kirk also told police he has guns, ammo, and survivalist manuals. 

Inside his car, officers found hundreds of rounds of ammunition, two books with instructions on how to make explosives, firearms training, and military tactics; along with parts for an AR-15. Kirk also informed police he had at least two guns. So far, the search warrant shows they didn't find any. 

Kirk's family attorney, Thomas Adler told News 9 in a statement the 36-year-old has battled mental health issues for years. 

He added Kirk was unarmed and didn't have access to guns. However, the search warrant shows Kirk tried to buy a weapon at a gun show but the seller refused when Kirk allegedly told them he wanted to kill politicians, specifically Bernie Sanders. 

The same warrant also shows Kirk previously planned to carry out a 9/11 style attack that began with a stolen plane. 

Police arrested Kirk on Sunday on Sunday for a conspiring to perform an act of violence complaint, he's since bonded out. 

Adler's also stated Kirk is still in treatment and will continue to do so till further notice, and the family is fully cooperating with police. 

Full statement: 

We are proud to represent Mr. Kirk. Mr. Kirk is a 36-year-old fully-disabled young man who has successfully battled serious mental health issues for years with the continuous support and supervision of his loving parents. Mr. Kirk was unarmed, has no access to firearms or other weapons or destructive materials of any kind, and was taken into custody by OKCPD after he self-reported to a local Mental Health facility seeking care and treatment. We are assisting Mr. Kirk and his family in their continued full cooperation with law enforcement and their investigations; so as to ensure both the safety and peace of mind of the public. Mr. Kirk is currently receiving the expert care that he desires and needs. We are confident that Mr. Kirk is not a threat to any person and that he will be able to continue to receive the mental health care that he needs in order to regain stability and control over his disability.