Mexican Navy Seizes Over 7,032 Lbs. Of Cocaine

Friday, May 27th 2022, 7:41 am
By: CBS News

The Mexican Navy seized over 7,032 lbs. of a substance believed to be cocaine and over 1,160 liters of fuel during two operations on the Pacific coast of Guerrero state and Michoacán state.

The first one took place on May 21, on the South-east coast of Lazaro Cardenas, in Michoacán. After a chase at 62 miles from the coast, two helicopters of the Secretary of the Navy and a Defender-like boat got to seize two fleeing boats carrying 39 packs containing over 3,858 lbs. of a white dusty substance akin to cocaine. The authorities also detained the five crew members and took around 960 liters of fuel found in the vessels.

On May 22, the Navy carried out another anti-drug operation on the South-east coast of Acapulco, Guerrero. Thanks to aerial surveillance, authorities intercepted a boat 147 nautical miles from the coast. After inspecting the vessel, authorities seized 31 bags containing around 3,174 lbs. of a white, dusty substance akin to cocaine, along with 200 liters of fuel and arrested the five members of the crew.

Authorities reported on Mexico’s general attorney to launch an investigation into the alleged narco-boats.