Repairs Delayed For Some Oklahoma Roads Destroyed By Rain

Wednesday, May 25th 2022, 5:46 pm

LOGAN COUNTY, Oklahoma -

Parts of Oklahoma received some much-needed rain this week, but some roads have taken a beating from how much has fallen.

Some county officials said they're hoping to repair those roads once the rain stops.

Logan County commissioner Marven Goodman said water can be powerful and aggressive. Oftentimes, the roadways usually pay the price.

A section of Simmons Road in Guthrie is barricaded off with “Road Closed” signs. Goodman said the excessive rain caused a stream of water to gush around a pipe under the road instead of flowing through it.

“What has caused that it seems like there's a beaver dam just up the stream from there, just a little bit,” Goodman said. “And the beaver dam diverted the water around the culvert and over to the side and caused it to sidecut this culver with the water streaming through there.”

Unfortunately, Goodman said this is common. Crews are now waiting for the rain to stop to get to work.

“If it stops, then we'll get everything drained off and get out there and start getting the roads repaired from the damage that was caused,” Goodman said.

Pottawatomie County emergency management director Chad Larman feels the same way.

Approximately 15 roads were damaged earlier this month in a tornado, and there are only a couple more that need to be repaired.

“They have to wait for it to dry out, so they can actually get the dirt in there to where it needs to be,” Larman said. “If they put it in there wet, it's liable not to hold.”

On top of the bad weather, Larman said culverts are on backorder. He expects it to take another month for them to arrive.

Repairs will start as soon as it stops raining, which could be a few more days.