Edmond Mother Snaps Photo Of Man Moments Before Road Rage Incident, Police Look For Suspect

Monday, May 23rd 2022, 9:01 pm

EDMOND, Oklahoma -

An Edmond mom snaps a photo of a road rage suspect accused of shattering her windshield. 

The Edmond Police department told News 9 they frequently get calls from drivers feeling threatened or being followed. They said the fact that this suspect took matters into his own hands makes this case more dangerous. 

“It was the middle of the day on Sunday, lots of other vehicles on the road. Not only are you endangering yourself and the other driver but endangering all the people around you,” said Emily Ward with the Edmond Police department.  

The Edmond mom told police she was yelled at and followed. 

“This one is significant in that she got a very clear photo of him and that he threw a rock. She had two young children in the car with her so that just takes it to a different level,” said Ward.  

The mother said it all started at a drive-through near Covell and Kelly. 

“As she was checking her order the vehicle behind her begin yelling at her to move and she said back ‘I’m checking my food and I’ll move’. Before she was able to, he pulled out onto the median and passed her onto the road,” said Ward. 

Thinking the altercation was over, she drove off. 

“He pulled up alongside her and began yelling profanities at her and her children. She went on and still felt threatened by him,” she said. 

Just when she thought she had lost him the dangerous situation came to a head near Santa Fe Avenue and Big Cedar. 

“He had gone off out of her sight down a private drive and apparently picked up a rock there,” she said. 

“He blocked both sides of the road with his vehicle and as she slowed down to pass him and take the photo that is when he threw the rock at her windshield, shattering it. Glass came in on her and her children no one was harmed but obviously a very dangerous situation,” said Ward. 

The Edmond Police Department is still looking for the suspect. Anyone with information should contact them at 405-359-4420.