Tulsa Police Arrest Man Accused Of Following Young Girls Home

Monday, May 23rd 2022, 6:30 pm
By: News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Tulsa Police believe the arrest of a burglary suspect stopped a man who was targeting children.

Police arrested William Parnell after several reports said he was following young girls when they got off of a school bus.

Parnell is facing a complaint of second degree burglary, which because he’s a Quapaw citizen, is in the hands off federal prosecutors.

His arrest came after parents recognized a suspicious person following girls on their street near 81st and Harvard.

A 10 year old girl told police she outran him, into her parents’ garage, before he tried to get in, and tried to get her to let him in.

Tulsa Police Lt Tim Means said parents raised the alarm with their neighbors and police, and a doorbell video captured a good image of the suspect.

Police said a parent confronted him May 13 when it appeared he was following a girl, but he said he was just walking. That same day, the 10 year old was followed but got into the garage.

The following Monday, police said Parnell returned to the home where the 10 year old lived, and broke into the back door.

The girl escaped out the front and ran to a trusted neighbor.

Two days later, William Parnell was arrested at a hospital after a nurse was assaulted. A hospital employee recognized him from reports about the girls being following.

Lt Means said the girl was smart to not open the door, then run for help during the break-in.

"If someone had opened the door, you don't know the intentions of the suspect, if he had gotten inside, the intentions could have been grave for the girl had he gotten in there," said Lt Means.

The federal complaint said Parnell admitted watching the girl go into the house, and told police "he was probably going to rob it."

Police said he admitted knowing the same girl was home May 16, and admitted burglarizing the house.

Parnell has a history with police in Glenpool and Jenks; more complaints involving children, before last week.

His mother is also serving a life sentence for murder, for killing his brother.

News On 6's Emory Bryan was live with the story.