Lifelong Golf Fan Gets Chance To Visit PGA Championship

Friday, May 20th 2022, 6:11 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

An 85-year-old Tulsa man is not letting a disability keep him from attending the PGA Championship.

Jenk Jones has been to every major golf tournament in Tulsa over the years. And he did not want to miss this one.

Jones, who lives at Montereau, made a request that he wanted to attend this year's tournament.

But his health threatened his chances of coming out here.

Over the past few weeks, Jones worked hard to recover and build up strength.

And this week, Montereau brought him out to see all the sights.

Jones is a former journalist for the Tulsa Tribune and covered tournaments like the US Open, three PGA Championships and two Tour Championships.

As a kid, he attended the 1946 women's amateur as well.

Jones is a big golf fan, and while he loves watching it on TV, he said being with the crowd is so much better.

"You can sit in your living room and watch it on television but the roar of the crowd when someone makes a big shot or the groan is something you only catch here," said Jones.

Jones wasn't able to see Tiger or Rory, but he did see a lot of really big names. He said he's seen Tiger before.