Metro Man Recovering After Forklift Falls Off Of Semi Into His Car

Thursday, May 19th 2022, 10:28 pm


A metro man said it was a close call when he got into an accident with a forklift. Thankfully, he was able to walk away. 

“I was shaking so bad because I was like I couldn't believe it actually happened. Like I said it was like a scene out of a movie,” Lawrence Larson said. 

Larson tells News 9 he was sitting at the traffic light at SW 44th Street and Macarthur Drive on his way to run some errands. 

An 18-wheeler carrying a forklift was in front of Larson in traffic. A truck was turning onto Southwest 44th. Larson said out of nowhere the semi in front of him started backing up to give the turning truck more room. 

“He just started backing up and I started honking saying hey I’m back here and he just kept backing up and next thing I know impact,” Larson said. 

In a matter of seconds, Larson's car was totaled, the forklift smashed into Larson's Ford Fiesta and his shattered windshield, falling on top of him. 

“I just the shock of seeing that forklift tire coming right through the window. I was screaming. I was scared,” Larson said. 

Larson believes it's a miracle he didn't walk away with life-threatening injuries. 

“I could've either been paralyzed, even killed or something like that. That's just hard to process,” Larson said. 

Larson's said his road to recovery has been rocky, but he's not giving up. He goes to physical therapy three days a week and has walked to work while he waits for a rental car from the trucker's insurance company. 

“It's not an easy thing to do to walk that distance. It's about nine miles,” Larson said. 

Oklahoma City police responded to this accident. The semi-truck driver was not issued a ticket. They said it is entirely at the discretion of the investigating officer as to whether a citation should be issued.