Oklahoma City Police Warn Gun Owners To Secure Weapons From Potential Burglars

Friday, May 13th 2022, 9:53 pm


As the temperature goes up, the Oklahoma City Police Department said so does crime.

Police say thieves look for opportunity. The biggest take away is to always lock your car and safely secure your weapon.

“What I want people to know that this is a crime of opportunity so if it is not locked or secured in your vehicle a thief is simply going to take advantage of taking that firearm from your car. Especially if it is in plain view,” said Dillion Quirk, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Oklahoma City Police say it only takes a few seconds for a thief to take an unsecured weapon.

“You don’t want your firearm to land in the wrong hands. Possibly the firearm land up in a situation where it isn’t supposed to be,” said Quirk.

The best thing is to not leave weapons in your vehicle. If it is stolen from your car, make sure you report it immediately.

“Make a 911 police report immediately it is always a safe measure to know the serial number to your gun so that you can make a complete and accurate report,” he said.

OCPD pointed to a recent case where a man stole a gun out of a vehicle near NE 23rd and Santa Fe.

“The victim indicated that she was on the OnCue at 23rd and North Santa Fe when she met an unknown person. They engaged in conversation and agreed to meet at a separate location,” he said.

The two meet up again at a parking lot nearby where the quick conversation took a turn.

“While she was away grabbing her keys, he got inside her vehicle and took a handgun that was in her car in plain view,” said Quirk.

OCPD is still on the lockout for the suspect and firearm. Anyone with information should contact crime stoppers at 405-235-7300.

Metro law enforcement agencies along with OCPD do provide free gun locks and safety kits for people.