Tulsa Club Hotel Brings Back Sunday Brunch

Friday, May 13th 2022, 5:31 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The Tulsa Club Hotel is bringing back a staple to its restaurant.

For years, the club hosted brunch on Sundays and this weekend, people can start enjoying it again.

"It always comes back to the brunch. People have such fond memories of the brunch, so we are super excited to go ahead and finally give the community what they're asking for,” said Marianne McCann, Tulsa Club Hotel Director of Sales and Marketing.

McCann says she's received lots of calls and requests from guests asking about the hotel's Sunday brunch. Late last century, she says for many, the meal was a weekly tradition.

"Was a huge, huge staple in the community for the Tulsa Club itself. It brought families together for all different events. For Easter, for Mother's Day, or just a brunch on a Saturday or a Sunday,” McCann said.

Brunch used to be served on the 9th floor in the ballroom, buffet-style. Near the heart of downtown, the hotel is surrounded by churches. Families would go there to eat after attending Sunday services.

"In the past, that's where families got to gather and really that's what brunch is all about,” said Paul van Raamsdonk, Tulsa Club Hotel General Manager.

He says that’s why the hotel is bringing it back.

Now, brunch will be at the hotel's restaurant, Chamber.

"We still have the same feel, we still have the same community, we still have the same great food, but it's going to be plated rather than on a buffet line,” van Raamsdonk said.

He says the goal is for brunch to eventually be available on Saturdays too. He hopes this will become a place for families to slow down and be together.

"I think in this day and age, it's real important to do that. I think we need that as a community and that's what we want to provide,” van Raamsdonk said.

You can make reservations here: Chamber Restaurant - Tulsa, OK | OpenTable