Southmoore Student Scores His Second Perfect ACT Score

Wednesday, May 11th 2022, 6:14 pm


Southmoore junior Devin Snyder is proving his first perfect score on the ACT was not a fluke. He just accomplished the feat again. 

Back in November, Devin said he had no intention of taking the standardized test again. 

“It was like mandatory for the school, so I just decided, it’s mandatory, might as well show up again,” said Devin. 

After a perfect score on the last ACT, Devin was a little reluctant to check his results for this one. 

“I typed in my stuff, but I don’t want to press that sign in button because, I don’t know what I’m going to get you know, there’s a little hesitation there,” said Devin. 

But when he got his results, it was another 36. 

Only 0.313% of students recorded a perfect score on the ACT. 

It is so rare that there are no numbers on scoring two perfect ACT scores, especially on two tries. 

“He’s so humble, you would never know it’s not given him a big head at all,” said Michelle Hurt, Devin’s AP Precalculus teacher.  

“He makes good grades of course, but for him to make these scores on the ACT like he has done has been so surprising because it is so unusual,” said Hurt.  

All the talk has Devin now considering some pretty big-name colleges.  

“Harvard, MIT, are up there, Stanford is up there. Other ones? I know that some have emailed me, which is kind of crazy, like Yale and Duke,” said Devin.  

Devin still has some time, after all he’s just a junior. And of course, the obvious question, will he take the test for a third time?  

“I remember you asking me that the last time. I really have no clue. Hopefully, I won’t take it again but who knows. Maybe I’ll get a 36 a third time,” said Devin.  

Devin still has no idea of what he wants to do as a career, but with two perfect ACT scores, his options are pretty much unlimited.