Family Trapped During Severe Storms Speaks Out

Thursday, May 5th 2022, 5:49 pm

SEMINOLE, Oklahoma -

We're learning more about how people in Seminole took immediate action after a tornado hit Seminole on Wednesday.

The Scott family has a storm shelter their neighbors know they can run to if they're ever in need. Wednesday was that day.

Ten people, including a baby, took shelter. They survived the storm, but soon realized they were stuck. 

They reached out to friends and social media, calling for help.

The Scott family was in Shawnee at the time but came home to find a scary scene in their backyard. 

"I saw my house was hit and I was like, ‘Oh my God, there's people in the back,’” Catrina Scott said. “There was a big tree laying over top of the storm shelter, and a big metal structure. I guess it was the neighbor’s carport.”

Scott said she tried to move the trees and debris but couldn’t do it without help. 

Help arrived, and they were able to move the debris off the door to let everyone out. 

"The mom came out. I was holding her baby because she needed a way to get out without hurting Orchid,” Izzy Scott said. “So, I was holding her baby and she ran into my arms crying.”

Catrina Scott said they are devastated by costly damage to their property but are grateful no one was injured.