Mayfest Gallery At Ahha Tulsa On Display

Tuesday, May 3rd 2022, 5:33 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Hundreds of artists are getting ready to set up shop in downtown Tulsa for Mayfest. It's the city's largest arts festival and one major part is The Gallery at ahha Tulsa, where artists submit new ideas to be on display.

Pieces created by artists and students from around the Tulsa area are featured, from crochet and sculptures to paintings and beads.Around 20 works of art are showcased in The Gallery at Mayfest collection with a wide range of styles.

One is about point of view. The artist painted Turkey Mountain from the same spot every day.

You can see art in several different forms like clothing, collages, and photography. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich set-up is made completely out of beads.

Some are experienced artists and others are making their debut in a gallery. Festival Director Heather Pingry said around 75 works make up the Youth Art Gallery.

Tulsa area students from kindergarten to 12th grade submitted creations like an apple sculpture or Tulsa-themed tennis shoes.

"It's a new concept for this year and we're really excited about it because it brought a lot of new artists that we hadn't heard of or hadn't been exposed to,” Pingry said. "We've got at least 100 pieces of art between the two galleries. And I want people to just really appreciate the art talent that we have in Tulsa."

The Gallery is free to visit during Mayfest this weekend and you can visit the rest of ahha Tulsa for a discounted price. Both Mayfest exhibitions will be on display for the next few weeks.