Family Lucky To Be Alive After Home Invasion During 89er Parade

Tuesday, April 26th 2022, 9:07 pm

GUTHRIE, Oklahoma -

A terrifying scene unfolded blocks away from the Guthrie 89er Day Parade. Police said two young assailants stabbed a family inside their home. 

The Ladds walked from their Guthrie home to the 89er parade Saturday to get a better view. They returned home early where they found their son fighting for his life. 

“One of them grabbed him from behind and just said stab him! Stab him! Stab him,” said Megan Mitchell. 

“We see cops just running on foot and everyone just rushing to the scene, we were only maybe fifty feet away,” Destany Brown, neighbor. 

Megan Mitchell's parents said they interrupted a home invasion. 

Police said the teenage attackers stabbed Mitchell’s 22-year-old brother then her parents. 

“It was a complete miracle. The fact that any of my family members made it out alive,” said Mitchell. 

Her brother suffered a collapsed lung in the attack, her father was also injured and her mother, small but mighty, was stabbed eight times.                            

“He was hitting her so hard she thought he was punching her, and it wasn’t until she got out of the house that she realized she was covered in blood,” said Mitchell.       

Megan learned the news about her family and the two arrests over a frantic phone call from her dad. 

“He kept telling me, I have really bad news, I have really bad news. I have really bad news. He told me they were attacked,” said Mitchell.                   

Megan says while she will never understand why the teens attacked her family, she knows they all have so much to be grateful for. 

“I just know that it's really important to love the people you have around you while they are around you. When you're this close to losing your whole family and them surviving this attack, it makes you realize just how much you really love them,” said Mitchell. 

Police want prosecutors to charge the teens with attempted murder. 

As for the Ladds, they're in need of help when it comes to medical expenses.