Boeing Dedicates New OKC Facility On 70th Anniversary Of First B-52 Flight

Friday, April 15th 2022, 6:19 pm
By: Erika Lee


The B-52 aircraft has been a household name for decades. It’s best known for its versatility and longevity in American history.

Now, it's going to be modernized.

During a Friday announcement, Boeing unveiled a program at its new 60,000-square foot facility in Oklahoma City to modernize the B-52 bomber.

The program is a modernization effort that will help transform the B-52, giving it new radar systems, engines and other new technologies.

The new program is expected to add between 400 and 600 jobs in Oklahoma City.

The jobs include program managers, engineers, mechanics, supply managers among several others.

According to Oklahoma City mayor David Holt, approximately 3,600 people currently work at Boeing.

“It’s been an amazing journey,” Holt said. “We’re so grateful for the economic impact it has on our community.”

Brig. Gen. John Newberry said the modernization is essential with today's global climate, especially in the wake of the ongoing war in Ukraine.  

“We need to have to have a strong military” Newberry said. “This is to prevent any actions against us and to protect America.”

Newberry said the B-52 will be updated for the next three decades.