Formula Shortage Impacting Parents Across The Country

Thursday, April 14th 2022, 5:24 pm
By: Erika Lee


Major retailers are limiting purchases of baby formula as supplies run thin across the country. 

News 9 spoke with a metro mother who says she had to work quickly to find another solution. 

Thousands of babies across the country rely on formula according to the CDC. 

The most recent study shows 25% of infants rely on it. 

And with a nationwide shortage, mothers are scrambling to stock up but are met with empty shelves. 

Anna Ballinger says her 4-month-old daughter Casey was put on formula when she realized breast milk wasn’t the right choice. 

‘We had to stop breastfeeding because she had a tear in her esophagus,” Ballinger said. “And my breast milk was too harsh for her which is very uncommon.” 

Right now, Ballinger says the shortage makes it hard to keep her baby healthy. 

Casey was put on a gentle Enfamil formula, but the next time she went to the store, it was no longer available. 

“I had to read labels and find another one,” Ballinger said. “I couldn’t find one that was close enough for her.” 

Dozens of metro mothers say they are experiencing the same thing. 

To help, some moms are even offering their own breastmilk, so others don’t have to go through great links to feed their child. 

Ballinger says she switched to an independent FDA approved company named Bobbie-- that ships formula straight to her door. 

“I don’t have to go to the store anymore,” Ballinger said. “And cross my fingers that my baby’s food will be there.” 

If you do choose an alternative solution to major retailers, Officials recommend talking with your baby's physician about the best alternative.