Local Pastor Warns Chisholm Creek Visitors About Increase In Car Burglaries

Friday, April 8th 2022, 4:14 pm


Thieves are accused of targeting a popular family spot in northwest Oklahoma City.

A metro pastor said thieves busted out a window on his truck and stole cash while they were parked Thursday night at Chisholm Creek.

Cole Phillips said he wants to warn others it could happen to them in only minutes.

“Last night, my family and I were at Chisholm Creek eating dinner with some friends,” Phillips said.

Phillips said he was shocked to see the driver's side window was busted out of his new truck.

“Glass all over the ground,” Phillips said. “The entire inside of my car was rummaged through.”

Phillips said the thieves did not take the tablet or laptop inside the truck.

“Unfortunately, some money was taken from inside of the vehicle,” Oklahoma City Police Department Sergeant Dillon Quirk said.  

The burglar went for the cash, all $1,300 that Phillips had tucked away in the console for his business.

“That money is the money I use to pay my contractors whenever they need cash for materials and such,” Phillips said.   

Phillips called police and said he was surprised when an officer told him that car break-ins have increased in that area. 

“He said, ‘Every few days, or at least every week, we’re getting calls of 10 or 12 cars getting smashed into,’” Phillips said. “They’re quick, happens in about five minutes and they’re out of there.”

Chisholm Creek property managers told News 9 Friday they do not believe the car burglary numbers were accurate and they could not comment about security.

Phillips said there were cameras in the parking lots, but he was not sure they will help other victims. He had a message for Chisholm Creek visitors.

“I think just being aware, knowing that you always have to watch your surroundings. Don’t have valuables in your car,” Phillips said. “If there are valuables, keep them locked up.” 

Phillips said he also called property managers to make them aware of the rash of car burglaries. He said they told him they only increase their security presence during the holidays.