Sapulpa High School Dance Team Wins 2 National Championships

Tuesday, February 22nd 2022, 4:24 pm

SAPULPA, Oklahoma -

The Sapulpa High School dance team made history over the weekend by winning two national championships for the first time.

“We were down we were not winning whenever we went into finals. So to hear the first place named get called second I mean it was a total freak out. We could hear everybody going crazy. It was amazing," said Ryann Hoey.

The Sapulpa Ping Pings spent months preparing and their hard work paid off with two first-place titles.

“Everyone worked so hard for it. So, we expected to hopefully get something out of our hard work, and if not we did the best that we could and put all of it out there on the floor," said Brooklyn Berry.

Berry is the team captain and said the celebration was made possible by lots of practice and late nights working to make the routines stand out to the judges.

“Our routines are a lot harder, complex, there is a lot of footwork and small details that we’re adding to it that just makes it a step higher than the routines in the past. Also, our coaches are so amazing," said Berry.

The Ping Pings won two first-place awards, one for their small varsity high kick and another for the large varsity performance is something the Sapulpa dance team has never done before.

“This is huge in the dance world because there are a ton of amazing dancers, especially at DTU nationals. We’ve been going ever since they started and the competition just keeps getting harder and harder. So it was a huge deal," said Coach Molly Heritage.