Paden V. Mason Rivalry Basketball Game Takes A Turn For The Better

Monday, February 7th 2022, 6:34 pm

Paden and Mason are bitter rivals in every sport and have been for years. So, when their last basketball game went into double overtime, things really got heated.  

“We’re both very athletic and we love the game of basketball and when it comes down to it, we’re ready to play and we just both want to win,” said Marquade Tharps, Paden basketball player.  

About twenty miles separate the two schools.  

“Paden and Mason have been rivals ever since I’ve been in high school, it’s always been that way, and even today these guys have come up as seventh and eighth graders playing against each other,” said Paden coach Curtis Lee.  

Their last game didn’t disappoint the county rivalry.  

“It was pretty competitive, they had us up at half time, we came back out, dug back in it, came to the fourth quarter, tied it up went into overtime,” said Tharp.  

But in the second overtime, the rivalry took a turn for the better.  

“We were going down on a fastbreak and I like lost the ball or threw it out of bounds or something and then caught a cramp and he ran over there and helped me,” said Justin Gill Mason basketball player.  

“I watched him go up and I watched him throw it back in, and he hit the wall and I see him grab his leg and I just figured it was a cramp because I’ve been there, done that,” said Tharp.  

And with all of this going on Coach Lee was still coaching. 

“I had a chance to talk to my kids so I’m yelling at my kids to come over so I could talk to them, and I look over here and my postman has got a kid stretched out on the floor. So, I decided to be a good sport myself, I guess,” said coach Lee.  

Mason did win the game but after the game fans of both teams complemented the coaches on the sportsmanship of both the teams.  

“That’s what’s right with high school athletics in our state is kids helping each other out,” said coach Lee.