Reactions From State Leaders Following Gov. Stitt's State Of The State Address

Monday, February 7th 2022, 6:26 pm


In the rotunda Monday, dozens of advocates were chanting so loudly, it could be heard in the chamber where Governor Stitt was speaking.  

This wasn’t the first sign that there will be some contention during this session.

Democrats also expressing concern that the State of the State sets a divisive tone. 

Firefighters removed flags hanging near the Capitol this morning, saying: Free Julius” and “Stitt’s Failed State.”  

While inside the capitol, Democrats raised concern about not just things they heard in the speech but what they didn't hear. 

Norman Democrat Emily Virgin, who leads the Democrats in the House, also called for more oversight when it comes to education funding. 

“When he gave his state of the state in 2021, he talked about 3,000 people who had died in Oklahoma due to the coronavirus pandemic. there have been 10,000 additional deaths since that point, but we heard no mention of that in today’s speech.” 

She said democrats will in part be pushing for more transparency and oversight of school funding. 

Senate Democratic Leader Kay Floyd, D-Oklahoma City, issued the following statement on behalf of the Senate Democratic Caucus: 

“We are disappointed that the governor did not mention COVID-19 in his speech or offer any plans to get the pandemic under control. Our caucus believes our state’s top priority is defeating the pandemic so we can focus on recovery and our state’s most urgent challenges. 

Legislative Black Caucus leadership talked about key issues for their caucus including criminal justice reform infrastructure changes. 

Tulsa Democrat Monroe Nichols--also noticed the governor left out several things he was looking for. 

Tulsa representative Monroe Nichols represents HD - 72.  

“Nothing about how we’re going to close equity gaps, nothing about how we are going to make sure that we are not just creating more business and moer business owners, but what does that look like for black business owners, and what does that look like for communities that have been long left behind,” Monroe said.  

Tribal Leaders were in attendance, Muscogee Nation Principal Chief David Hill tweeted out following the speech saying part:  

“I came to listen to the Governor. I have no tolerance for his continued ignorance of the facts and his sowing of false fear. 

The Governor continues to throw himself down kicking and screaming in the path to implement #McGirt.” 

The principal chief of the Cherokee Nation--also weighed in saying the governor had nothing to show for his quest to overturn the ruling. 

There were also protests for lawmakers to take action to restrict abortions. 

They want it banned entirely.