Anti-Death Penalty Group Protests Donald Grant's Execution

Thursday, January 27th 2022, 6:11 pm

MCALESTER, Oklahoma -

A few people were outside of the Oklahoma state penitentiary to protest the death penalty and Grant’s execution.

There was a small group of priests from Oklahoma holding a prayer vigil for Donald Grant, the murder victims, and the people who work at the Department of Corrections.

One priest from Broken Arrow said Catholic priests have had a presence at these executions since the 90s.

They believe life starts at birth and ends at a natural death. Because of this, they don't agree with a death sentence.

They prayed together and said they'll continue coming to executions to share their mission. 

After Grant was executed, we talked to Minister Don Heath, who has met with Grant several times.

Heath was with Grant on January 27, during his final moments to comfort him.

Allie Sullivan was also here to represent Death Penalty Action. Their mission is to get rid of the death penalty across the country.

"We don’t think, regardless of the circumstances, guilty or innocent that they deserve to be killed for what they’ve done," said Allie Sullivan, Death Penalty Action.

Grant's spiritual advisor said he prayed with Grant and took communion with him a few times before his execution on the morning of January 27.