Collinsville Public Schools See Less Absences After Closing For Two Days

Thursday, January 27th 2022, 5:32 pm


Collinsville Public Schools didn't just move to distance learning. They had to cancel classes for two days because many students and teachers were sick.

Things are starting to look better and students are back in the classrooms.

At the worst of it, they had almost half of their students out sick.

“Then it became problematic with our staff and with our students as far as the learning component goes. Because there are so many that were so sick, that is it the right thing to do to have classes," said Kelly Hamlin.

Hamlin said the Friday before the MLK holiday, 800 students were out sick.

She said by Monday, that number jumped up to 1,200 sick people.

Despite two days of distance learning, more teachers and students got sick.

“To have classes when students and our staff are so ill, at that time, so we made that decision to pivot to what is formally called a snow day. So we just didn’t have any type of learning on those two days," said Hamlin.

Hamlin said teachers record videos in advance in case they end up sick. She said that can also be challenging.

“It's that same kind of concept. You don’t feel good and now you’re going to be on camera with someone teaching a class. You wouldn’t come to the traditional classroom if you weren’t feeling well and there was school. So that’s that distance learning component, is trying to make that balance that is right," said Hamlin.

She said after taking the two days off last week, the district is seeing fewer absences.

“We’re combatting flu also. So we’ve got, you know, the in and out of people. But it’s been a lot better this week," said Hamlin.