Edmond Woman's Healthy Meals Become A National Success

Tuesday, January 25th 2022, 6:37 pm

EDMOND, Oklahoma -

Bondi Bowls is an Oklahoma food truck business that was started in the pandemic. They are now taking over, not just the state of Oklahoma, but the whole country.  

“Bondi is named after a beach in Australia, so that’s where I lived,” said Bailey Wilson, owner of Bondi Bowls.  

Wilson had no plans to return home Edmond until she got some concerning news about her dad.  

“My dad actually got diagnosed with bladder cancer, so my world kind of got turned upside down in a matter of 24 hours,” said Wilson.  

Bailey would return home to help care for her father. 

“So, I started making these bowls for my dad, who also works in the ER. So, I was trying to fuel him with as many antioxidants and keep him as healthy as I could while he was going through cancer treatments and working in the ER during COVID.” 

The bowls Wilson created for her dad were a huge hit with family and friends.  

“Then my mom on a random Thursday pitched the idea, why don’t we put this on wheels and get to serve the community as well,” said Wilson.  

On that Sunday they purchased a food truck and three weeks later they were up and running.  

“Day three I had to hire employees because our line was way too long, we couldn’t keep up,” said Wilson  

What was supposed to be a side job for Wilson soon took over her life.  

“At the five month mark we franchised so now they have seventeen trucks in seven states,” said Wilson  

They just opened their first store.  

“Now it gets to be a fun pink space that I get to be creative with to serve the community in a different way,” said Wilson.  

Bondi serves healthy frozen treats and more, all made to order and are vegan and vegetarian friendly  

“So, we are really intentional about our product and what we serve, it’s the best of the best,” said Wilson  

Wilson credits her faith in God for the quick success. The location of the new Edmond store is 136 E. 5th street. For their food truck locations and menu items visit their Facebook page.