Collinsville Community Raises Money To Buy Championship Rings For Football Team

Tuesday, January 25th 2022, 10:15 am


Every player on the Collinsville High School Football Team is getting a championship ring without paying a dime.

After the team made history by winning the state championship, the town rallied to do something special for them.

Reach Clothing printed 1,700 shirts and hoodies in just the last month. Most proceeds went to the ring fund, raising thousands of dollars for the team.

Several other business owners helped in their own ways. Reach Clothing Owner Tyson Baker said that’s just what small towns do.

It all goes back to the moment history was made for Collinsville, Oklahoma. It's the first time ever that the Collinsville Cardinals won the state championship.

"It didn't feel real. It was the best feeling ever,” said Collinsville offensive line center and senior Cannon Howard.

A feeling that Howard will never forget.

"I didn't sleep for almost a week after, just looking at pictures and videos every night,” Howard said.

After an undefeated season, pride-filled not just the team, but the entire town.

The night of the big win, people lined Main Street after midnight to welcome the boys home.

Now, the players will have a token of that memory forever: a championship ring.

"The very next day, we started getting phone calls. The community wanted to know, what can we do to raise money for the rings?” said Quarterback Booster Club President Roberta Kickapoo.

Kickapoo said donations started pouring in from the community, alumni, and businesses.

One of those is Reach Clothing.

"When they won state, we just knew we had to do something,” Baker said.

Baker opened an online store where people could purchase championship gear like sweatshirts and t-shirts.

Sales skyrocketed with 515 orders and more than 1,700 products sold.

Baker says he shipped gear all over the country to people who used to live in Collinsville.

"You know, small-town football, Friday nights are a big thing here,” Baker said.

Others pitched in too, like Cornerstone Ace Hardware, who made donations for each championship cup sold.

Donations from clothing sales totaled $16,000, plus $10,000 in donations from the community, and every ring will be paid for.

"Collinsville travels. It doesn't matter if we're home or away. Collinsville's coming to that game and we're going to cheer,” Kickapoo said.

The town proving the win means more than breaking a record or holding a title.

It's about the ones who supported you along the way.

"It will mean everything. All the hard work we've put in. And all the hard work your brothers have put in. It just, it means the world,” Howard said.

"These boys are legends. Yep, they're legends,” Baker said.

The 61 players on the team got sized for their rings last week, and they're expected to come in a couple of months.

Reach Clothing is filling its final round of clothing orders.