After Battling Homelessness Herself, Metro Woman Helps Those In Need Here In OKC 

Monday, January 24th 2022, 6:25 pm


Having a heart for someone in need truly comes from understanding those needs, and Becky Eastman understands the needs of those experiencing homelessness.  

About two years ago Becky was experiencing homelessness and hopelessness.  

“It was rough. Sometimes we would be in a hotel and sometimes we would be on the street,” said Eastman.  

As she reflects, she knows if not for the help of others she would have never gotten off the streets.  

“You know that hotel would cost and arm and a leg so finally I had been at my job for six months and I knew the landlord here,” said Eastman.  

Becky began putting together sack lunches. She doesn’t have a lot but is compelled to give back to help those experiencing homelessness.  

“I did it all by myself out of my pocket, I made about fifty sacks, and we went to one spot and in five minutes they were gone,” said Eatman  

Then came a heartbreaking moment for Eastman and her team.  

“They were all gone, I had two little kids that were out in the cold wrapped up in blankets walking up to the car and I didn’t have anymore,” said Eastman.  

The next month with some family support, Becky increased the number of sack lunches to one hundred and sixty-five.  

“I had a whole swarm of people walking up right when I got there,” said Eastman.  

The recipients are appreciative of the efforts. The sack lunches aren’t gourmet meals, they were simply what Becky could afford to give.  

“Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, crackers, apple sauce, some fruit snacks,” said Eastman.  

Just going to show, it’s not about doing a lot, it’s about doing what you can.  

“Now that I’m finally in a spot where I’m able to do it, I like to give back from when people helped me,” said Eastman.  

Eastman would love to more, and fully recognizes the need, but for now she plans to take food once a month.