Tulsa Public Schools Announces New Opportunity For Students To Earn College Credit

Friday, January 21st 2022, 4:03 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Students in the Tulsa School district are getting a great new opportunity.  

They can earn up to 30 college credits, now free of charge. Students taking these college classes through Tulsa community college say it's a relief to know they'll be a step ahead even before graduating. Some juniors and seniors at Will Rogers High School are all college students too.

"It's crazy, I feel mature," said Erica Resendez, "And feel like I'm doing great things and my parents are proud."

Erica Resendez is in 11th grade and taking three college classes through Tulsa community college this year. She's getting high school credits for the courses at the same time.

"I know all the people behind me, and everyone can relate to each other," she said.

This year is a little different--everything is free for students. That's thanks to the Assistance League of Tulsa. They're paying the course fees, TPS pays for the books and transportation and tuition is funded too by the Regents for Higher Education and Tulsa Community College.  

"We've had 220 kids this year taking almost 700 classes, so that's wonderful," said Perri Applegate. 

Applegate, who directs the dual enrollment program, said most kids enrolled are first-generation college students so being able to graduate with 30 hours is huge.

"I would recommend it," said Maeve Potts, "It pulls you out of bad habits in high schools."

11th grader Maeve Potts is taking pre-cal, history, and public speaking and wants to be a math teacher. The students say the classes aren't easy, but they're helping them get better.

"It feels like college, it's tough but a good experience," said Potts.

Students have to meet certain requirements to enroll in the program.

TPS is hosting a zoom info session on Thursday for any families interested.