Oklahoma City Family Desperately Searching For Missing Teen Girl

Thursday, January 20th 2022, 10:55 pm


Thursday marks two weeks since the family of a missing 13-year-old girl says she disappeared. 

Keionne Jackson’s sister said she's desperate for answers. She hasn't seen her baby sister in two weeks and she has no idea where she could be. 

“It gets more worrisome every day, more stressful every day and more frustrating because I can only do so much,” Jasmine Jackson said. 

Jasmine Jackson said she's been pulling out all the stops to find her sister. 

“I've passed out missing flyers and things like that and i've also been posting to social media, my family, my friends have been sharing as well,” Jackson said. 

The last time Jackson saw Keionne was at Taft Middle School. She dropped her off the morning of January 6, but the now 13-year-old never got on the bus to go home. 

“She's been marked absent everyday since she's been missing, so she's not attending school,” Jackson said. 

Jackson said it isn't like her sister to just runaway. She said that evening she reported this to Oklahoma City police. A few days later she said she started to receive messages online from people saying they knew where she is. 

“I ask them, ‘Hey, where is she? Can you give me any info?’ but they ignore me, or they don't answer me, or you know they give me the run around,” Jackson said. 

Some of the messages say Keionne is with her mother who Jackson says does not have custody. She said she has followed up on those tips with police. 

“She just turned 13 Sunday, so we didn't get to celebrate her birthday with her because she's not with us. She's 13 and she's not at home. To me that's safe. Yea we're assuming she's with her mother, but what if she's not,” Jackson said.