Amazon Driver Shot At Multiple Times, Escapes Safely

Wednesday, January 19th 2022, 10:13 pm

EDMOND, Oklahoma -

Edmond police are investigating after gunshots pepper the windshield of an Amazon delivery driver's truck. 

It happened earlier this month at East 33rd and Coltrane in Edmond. 

According to police, the driver is lucky to be alive. 

Three shots shattered the windshield, another hit the driver's side door. 

“She was so shaken up she wasn't quite sure of she was okay or had been hit by glass or anything,” said Edmond Police spokeswoman Emily Ward. 

According to police reports the driver of the Amazon delivery truck was yielding at an Edmond intersection when she started hearing gunshots and glass shattering.                        

She got out of her vehicle, saw bullet holes and called her supervisor who called police.  

Surveying the damage, police realize just how true that is. 

Images of the suspect's pickup were taken from the Amazon driver's dashcam. 

“There were two males inside of this truck,” said Ward.       

The victim told police she couldn't get a good look because she was blinded by the truck's high beam headlights. 

“It doesn't appear to be a targeted incident, completely random,” said Ward. 

Police searched the intersection and found several bullet casings.