Veteran Donates Purple Heart To OSU-Tulsa

Tuesday, January 18th 2022, 6:32 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Many people donate money to the schools where they graduated, but Shannon Matthews wanted to give something more.

“It's easy giving money,” said Shannon Matthews, a veteran and Purple Heart recipient. “Money is spent before you know it, nobody cares that you gave some money. But if you give a Purple Heart, you just can't get another one. It has an everlasting impact."

He hopes his donation will inspire other students to keep going through tough times.

"You never know who that might help who is going through hard times,” Matthews said. "It might just be the turning point for that person."

Matthews encourages people to keep moving forward, no matter what they encounter.

"If you bump your toe one time, and you just keep sticking your foot out there and keep going, your toe won't be bumped anymore," Matthews said.

The university said this is the first time in history that a living person has donated their Purple Heart to their alma mater.