Martin Luther King Jr. Parade Celebrated In Oklahoma City

Monday, January 17th 2022, 6:22 pm


According to the OKC MLK coalition website, Oklahoma City has the nation's third largest Martin Luther King Jr Day parade, and Monday hundreds came out to celebrate.  

“Forty-one years ago, in January Roosevelt Milton invited me to join him and others at the state capital to commemorate the birth date of dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,” said Nathaniel Batchelder with the Oklahoma City, MLK coalition.  

It would be two more years before President Ronald Reagan would make the day a national holiday.  

“Today we are united white people and people of color to banish racism from America everywhere. That was Dr. Kings dream and there’s still work to do,” said Batchelder.  

Participants lined up to show unity for the future and celebrate the accomplishments of the past.  

More than a hundred groups marched in the parade.  

“I am proud to work with civil rights leaders of the past like Clara Luper, W.K. Jackson, W.B. Parker, John Reed, Opio Toure, and many, many others,” said Batchelder.  

Monday’s activities show solidarity as people from every community come together.  

“The best we can do today is try to live like people with our brothers and sisters of all races, colors, religions creeds, nations of origins,” said Batchelder.  

A dream recognized but still working to achieve.  

“We’re still working for Dr. King’s dream and we’re not quite there yet, but this day is a big step forward,” said Batchelder.