Family Heartbroken After 3-Year-Old Dies From A Gunshot Wound

Monday, January 17th 2022, 10:15 pm


A family is torn apart when a young boy accidentally shoots himself while at his babysitters. 

Police said 3-year-old Christian Lesley got ahold of a gun and it accidentally went off and killed him. His family remembered him as a loving boy. 

Alfreda Lesley and Bernita Foy will never be the same. 

“He was my baby. Happy, very happy, playful, smart…he was so smart. He knew how to mimic any and everything he has nothing but love around him,” said Alfreda Lesley, Christian’s Grandmother. 

Both of them said their fun-loving baby boy was taken too soon. 

“I jumped out the bed and I immediately put on my clothes and jumped in my vehicle and came to his grandmother’s house,” said Bernita Foy, Christian’s Aunt. 

“I had just woken up from a nap and she’s like Christian, he shot himself in the face from what I’m hearing.’ it stunned me like ‘did you say Christian…no not my grandbaby’,” said Lesley. 

Police said 3-year-old Christian Lesley got ahold of a gun when it went off over the weekend and killed the toddler at an apartment complex near Walker and Western. 

“That’s my baby…I don’t…everything from his toenails everything I am just going to miss him,” said the grandmother. 

At the time, police said Christian was in the custody of his mother’s partner. 

She dropped the 3-year-old of at her friend’s apartment before work. Hours later officers called with the news. 

“He was a very vibrant, happy, fun-loving child. Very energetic. Just a wonderful kid really,” said Foy. 

Christian's mother was behind bars at the time and family says she's devastated. 

“When I found out that she did know they said she was under suicidal watch because that’s her son you know. Her girlfriend was supposed to be watching her baby. Now she has to come home and bury her baby,” said Lesley. 

No arrests have been made in this case. Police said this is an ongoing investigation.