Witnesses Describe Shocking Road Rage Shooting Incident

Monday, January 17th 2022, 11:29 pm
By: David Prock, Emory Bryan, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A shooting at a busy intersection was caught on camera, leading the suspect’s sister to urge him to surrender.

His sister also drove him to jail, according to police records.30-year old Brian Chintharsy was arrested at the doors of the Tulsa jail Sunday, after telling an officer he was connected to an incident that’s been widely shared on social media.

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Video from several angles shows a man at the window of a car, beating on it before the driver pulls away.

The man fires six shots at the car, before getting into his own car and leaving.

Tulsa Police responded to the shooting after 5 pm Thursday, but both men were already gone.

Several witnesses stayed behind and shared their video with officers.

A police report said a couple of cars were hit by gunfire, but no one was injured.

Video from one angle clearly shows the man’s face, from another angle it clearly shows his tag number.

A witness, Summer Craft, said when the man started beating on the car, the driver drove through the light to getaway.

Another witness, Julea Wilson, was behind several cars but heard shouting and then the shots.

She said shortly after it happened, the light changed and almost everyone drove away without stopping.

Chintharsy is jailed on complaints of Assault and Battery with a deadly weapon.