NW OKC Drive-By Shooting Caught On Security Camera

Monday, January 17th 2022, 5:13 pm


Oklahoma City police are searching for suspects in a drive-by shooting that was caught on camera. Investigators said the shooters targeted a northwest Oklahoma City home with children inside, twice in one day. The best evidence police have right now is daytime video from a hidden camera on a neighbor's home. Investigators believe someone out there will recognize the suspect's car. 

Four gunshots from a silver hatchback startled a neighborhood near northwest 85th and County Line Road earlier this month.

“It’s a good neighborhood,” said Daniel Wojciechowski, neighbor. “Good area. So, it’s very uncommon.” 

Wojciechowski said he set up the camera that caught drive-by shooting that same day because of an earlier shooting.

“Yeah, we set up our camera after the first shooting,” said Wojciechowski. “Just so happened to have one on standby.”

Oklahoma City police were first notified just after midnight on January 7th. Investigators said the same car was seen parked down the street. A suspect walked to the intended target and fired at the home.

Neighbors said a family with children lives there and they were shocked someone would want to harm them. News 9 went to the home, but nobody answered.

“The whole neighborhood is on high alert as a result,” said Wojciechowski. “Just kind of came together as a neighborhood and watching out for our neighbors.” 

Daniel said the hidden camera caught the suspect's car casing the home first. Three minutes later the car passed by again, but this time sprayed the home with bullets.

The concerned neighbor hopes his video will lead police to whoever was in the car. He fears if they were brazen enough to strike twice in 24 hours, what else could they do?

“For a shooting to happen in broad daylight especially two times in the same day,” said Wojciechowski. “Kind of makes you wonder.” 

Tips can be left for investigators by calling the CrimeStoppers line at (405) 235-7300.