Grass Fires In Comanche County Contained By Emergency Responders

Saturday, January 15th 2022, 7:36 pm


High winds and cold temperatures came sweeping through the state Friday night, sparking several grass fires, even forcing some to evacuate their homes.

Comanche County officials say five different fires had started throughout the area Friday night. One of the biggest was in Elgin, which caused 100 homes to be evacuated as the flames moved closer.

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"We're going to evacuate the residents that are in immediate danger," said Amy Hawkins, Comanche County Emergency Management.

Hawkins says in that fire, they lost 120 acres of land, but fortunately, they were able to contain the flames before they reached any structures.

"It’s very scary, because not only do you have the people who live in the homes, they have their animals, and especially being in the county where you have a lot of farmland," said Hawkins.

They did have to open a Red Cross evacuation shelter for the families. It became a challenge as over 50 personnel from different departments stepped in. Officials say the fires were caused by high winds and sparking power lines.

"I think it was 45 to 55 mile an hour gusts that were coming in and trying to figure out which way the fire was going to go," Hawkins said.

Oklahoma City saw several grass fires crop up this morning, but they were all extinguished quickly. Crews will continue to be on the lookout for any future fires.

"Everyone just came together so wonderfully and it just everything worked out, " Hawkins said. "Thankfully, no structures were lost and there were no injuries."

Those people who had evacuated from their homes were able to return.