Investigators Searching For SW OKC Robbery, Shooting Suspect Who Left Victim In Road

Friday, January 14th 2022, 5:50 pm


Oklahoma City police are investigating a shooting on Thursday that left a man injured in the middle of the street and crawling for help.

Police said the man and another person were robbed at gunpoint after they left a store on the southwest side of the city.

Witnesses said the victim described the suspect's car as a black Ford Mustang. They said he sped from the scene around 7:30 p.m. near Southwest 29th Street and Western Avenue.

Several neighbors heard the gunshots and looked outside.

911 Caller: “I just heard two gunshots, and I think there’s a guy in the road. I can’t see. There’s not much light, but I saw somebody crawling out in the road, and they’re hollering.”

Police said a 47-year-old man and a woman left the Dollar General store on Southwest 29th after picking up groceries but were not alone.

“When they left, a person had apparently followed them,” Oklahoma City Police Department master sergeant Gary Knight said “This was the suspect in the case.”  

The suspect was in his car and police said he drove up next to the victims who were walking. He allegedly pulled out a gun and demanded the man's wallet.

Police said the victim complied and, scared for his life, he dropped the grocery bags and ran.

“At that point, he was shot by the suspect,” Knight said.

More people placed 911 calls.

911 Dispatcher: “911?”

911 Caller: “Hello? Uh yes, we just heard gunshots and we seen (sic) a guy crawling through the street.”

The victim and his companion ended up in front of a home on Southwest 28th Street.

911 Caller: “The victim is right outside my house.” 

That resident told News 9 it appeared the victim was shot twice in the legs. The witness was able to get information from the Spanish-speaking victim and called police.

First responders were there within minutes and took the man to a local hospital to be treated.

Police said Friday he is expected to survive, but they now need help tracking down the suspected shooter. Investigators were in the area the day after the shooting searching for clues.

“Check surveillance cameras in the area,” Knight said. “See if they might yield any clues as to what the suspect looks like or the type of vehicle he’s driving.”