Guthrie Police, School District Investigating Alleged ‘Inappropriate Behavior’ By District Employee

Wednesday, January 12th 2022, 5:55 pm

GUTHRIE, Oklahoma -

Guthrie police and the city’s school district are investigating allegations of "inappropriate behavior" by a district staff member.

The district didn't give many details but said in a statement that the allegations involve an employee at the junior high school.

Multiple students, who currently attend the high school, told News 9 they know the employee and their alleged inappropriate behavior was reported years ago.

The two students agreed to talk to News 9 anonymously about their interactions with the staff member.

News 9 is not naming the employee, who is currently on paid administrative leave, since neither police nor the school district would confirm their name, but both students described inappropriate behavior.

"He would say, ‘Oh, you look at good in those shorts,'" Student No. 2 said.

The first student who spoke with News 9 said it would make her uncomfortable. At the time of the comment, she said she was 11 or 12 years old.  

The two students also told News 9 there were multiple times the employee went into the girls’ locker room unannounced.  

"We held up our clothes to us because, obviously, we weren't fully..." Student No. 2 said. "He was like, ‘We need you guys to hurry because we are all up here waiting on you guys.’ And we were like, ‘OK, you can you leave.’"

"He just opens the door, and he just keeps he just starts talking to us like it was normal," Student No. 1 said.

Student No. 1 said her friend asked the staff member to leave in that instance, as well.

Both students said others reported inappropriate behavior as many as five years ago, but they said they either weren't believed or students were punished and forced to apologize.

Ultimately, the two said little was done.

"It just made us feel embarrassed, like we knew we shouldn't have said anything," Student No. 2 said. "Like we knew they wouldn't have believed us."

News 9 reached out to the school district about the allegations, but administrators would not provide additional information other than their statement.

We also asked Guthrie police if they could confirm the name of the person under investigation or give additional details.

"No, unfortunately, we can't give a name or really any other details with this investigation due to the ongoing nature," Guthrie Police Department Sgt. Anthony Gibbs said.

Police said they do think the investigation could be wrapped up in the next few days.