Mid-Del City And Yukon Public Schools Close Until Next Week Due To COVID

Wednesday, January 12th 2022, 7:52 am

While many schools are going virtual for the next few days, both Mid-Del and Yukon are taking it a step further by fully closing until next Tuesday.

Dr Rick Cobb, the superintendent of Mid-Del Public Schools said that last week a quarter of students called out sick with COVID-19, followed by a surge of teachers and other staff this week.

Staffing was so critically low district-wide, Cobb said he saw one of the elementary school principals in the kitchen serving lunch to kids.

"We’ve had people pulled from one position to another, to cover classes, to cover kitchens to cover bus routes. We are out of people to cover now,” he said.

Yukon Public Schools is making the decision to close from Thursday through next Tuesday for the same exact reason. In a statement, Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth said in part,

"My top concern is the physical and mental well-being of our YPS Family, and this decision will be a huge benefit to them in lasting the rest of the year."

He continues by stating that the next five days will give students and staff time to recover.