Mother Asks For Help After Her Son Sets Her Home On Fire

Friday, January 7th 2022, 10:16 pm


A mother is rebuilding after her son barricaded himself in her home and set a fire on Christmas Night. 

“His words were umm ‘I’m sorry I know nobody wants to help me right now…" he said, "I thought if I could just kill myself y’all wouldn’t have to worry with me anymore,” said Roberts. 

LaDonna Roberts says she was celebrating Christmas with her daughter in Del City when police called to say her house was on fire. 

“He was inside setting the place on fire, and he was going to burn it down with himself inside it,” said Sgt. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department. 

Roberts called her son Christmas morning asking him if he was going to his sisters.  

“I asked him that day i said ‘are you going to go over to Tiff’s with me?’ his sister, and he had kind of a blank stare on his face, and it just went bad the rest of the day,” she said. 

Roberts said her son has been struggling with his mental health since he got out of prison. 

“At that point your mother instinct kicks in and like what do you do? What do you do? You try and get him help,” she said.  

After hours of negotiating, police tear gas to get Jones out. Officers booked him into the Oklahoma County Detention Center. 

“I don’t know from him starting the fire or with the tear gas, but it is just totally…my house is basically destroyed,” she said. 

Roberts has a GoFundMe to help replace furniture from the fire and fix the soot damage 

“I just want to go home, and I can’t,” she said. 

Roberts is looking into organizations that will take him in to get help.