Purcell Animal Shelter, Brown Paws Rescue Save Dog Shot With Shotgun At Close Range 

Thursday, December 30th 2021, 10:23 pm

PURCELL, Oklahoma -

From roaming an Oklahoma road with more than 150 pellets in its neck to finding a home. 

“This dog was found shot with a shotgun twice in the neck a person called that she was in their backyard crying and bleeding,” said Kira Dott, with Brown Paws Rescue. 

The dog had no tags, or microchip. The Purcell Animal Shelter named her Justice and started the long road to recovery. After they knew how extensive her injuries were, they decided to give her to one of their partners, Brown Paws Rescue. 

Her new foster mom Kira cared for Justice around the clock. 

“She still had open wounds on her neck at that time, but we took care of them. We have six other dogs, so they were wanting to lick it and make it better so that was a challenge but it’s almost all healed up now,” said Dott. 

Kira has fostered countless dogs, but it was something about Justice that made her want to keep her. 

“It’s terrible that her life started that way that she was shot like that but the fact that she continues to love humans and love us and just thrive is…she is resilient, and it is incredible,” she said. 

Although Justice has a new name, Bean, she’s still the same loving, fun dog she was before the accident. 

“We rescued three cows she is fine with the cows, their big. She did indeed chase a chicken and got that chicken. Didn’t kill it we just have to work on the taste for chicken that she seems to have,” said Dott. 

And even though they don’t know who is to blame Dott is just glad she is now safe and enjoying life. 

“I think she found justice in her own way. She found a farm; she is living a good life now,” said Dott.