Poll Shows Gov. Stitt Leads Hofmeister, Oklahomans Focused On Economy Over COVID-19

Friday, December 24th 2021, 6:38 pm


New polling is shedding light on Oklahoma’s 2022 elections, Julius Jones and Oklahoman's top election priorities.

With the mid-term elections more than 10-months out, a poll this week from Oklahoma City public affairs firm Amber Integrated shows incumbent Gov. Kevin Stitt with a double-digit lead over Democrat Joy Hofmeister.

The poll of 500 registered voters conducted earlier this month has a 4.38% margin of error.

The survey found 43% of registered voters said they'll vote for Stitt, 29% for Hoffmeister.

“There is still a decent chunk that are undecided,” Amber Integrated partner Jackson Lisle said. “You’ve got about 21% of voters who are undecided in that race.” 

In Oklahoma’s U.S. Senate race, 55% of Republicans said they'll vote for incumbent U.S. Senator James Lankford in June's primary. Republican challengers Jackson Lahmeyer and Nathan Dahm both received less than 10 percent support.

Lisle said other statewide races are less decisive.

“In the State Superintendent race, State Treasurer, Attorney General, no one is a clear favorite in any of those recess right now,” he said.

Voters said jobs and the economy are the most important issues the state legislature should be tackling, followed by education. Thirteen percent of people listed COVID-19 as their top issue. 

Voters were also asked about former death row inmate Julius Jones 

55% said Governor Stitt made the right decision to spare the convicted murder’s life last month.

Amber Integrated did public relations work for Julius Jones ahead of his commutation.